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 Post subject: Raiding and Guild rules
PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:16 pm 
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The Guild
Saga is a dedicated PvE end game raiding guild in the World of Warcraft. We cater for mature players (minimum age 21 years) on the Bronzebeard server who want to explore higher level content in a fun and relaxed raiding environment.

We formed in February 2007 with a group of players who had explored raiding pre-The Burning Crusade up to the end of Molten Core, since then we have recruited a variety of members from varying experience and backgrounds.

Saga have raided throughout The Burning Crusade experiencing many raid instances up to Black Temple,Wrath and now well into Cata.

Guild Leadership and Rank Structure
Saga is run by a council of three supported by a number of officers. The council and officers are always willing to listen to and discuss suggestions and input from all guild members. This is your guild too.

Turogon (Coordinator & Guild Leader)
Zenedra (Recruitment)
Akirasan (Raiding & Progress)

Raiding Officers

Recruitment Officer

Tank Representative

Raider - Raiding members who commit to at least two raids a week in a rolling 60 day period.

Member – Raiding members who cannot commit to two raids a week in a rolling 60 day period.

Initiate - New members to the guild.

Social - Friends and relatives of existing Raider members who want to play the game with their IRL partners/friends but have no interest in Raiding.

There are two raiding ranks; Raider & Member. The ranks are determined on a monthly basis, based on a players commitment to Raiding with the guild. Raiders are expected to sign up to at least two raid nights a week (Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays) and their commitment is monitored on the Raid Planner. This shows a colour coded percentage of signed raids in the last 60 days (red, white/ black and green). Anyone white/black or above sits in the Raider rank and the ranks are reviewed each month. Failure to maintain the required sign up rate will result in demotion to member status until the average is increased.

Initiates (applicants for Raider status) will be expected to be in the "white area" before they are accepted to full raid member.

Regular review means that if you have to take an extended break due to real life you can quickly work your way back into the upper rank.

Anyone who fails to show for a signed raid will be moved by the RL to "unsigned" so that the statistics cover this. Those on the "maybe" list who do show at the stated time will be added to the signed list.

General Rules
You represent the guild, your guild tag shows at all times, please be polite and respectful to other people, don't ninja loot and don't spam excessively in cities. Any reports or observations of this kind of behaviour could result in demotion to initiate or being removed from the guild.

Saga members found to be in contravention of Blizzard's terms and conditions will be removed from the guild.

Raider's alts are welcome in the guild, however they are unlikely to be taken on progress raids. Once raids are on "farm" status opportunities may be offered to alts.

Social Members are limited to one alt.

It is really important for all members to be involved in the guild, please read the forums as most of your information is found there.

If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to express them either on the forum or to any of the officers or council. Your suggestions and feedback will only help to improve the guild, and all comments will be warmly received.

What the guild expects from its members

Raid Attendance
If you are applying to be a Raid Member then you will be expected to sign up for at least two out of three regular weekly raid nights. (Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday). Failure to meet this expectation will result in failing your trial period and you will not be invited to join the guild.
Raid teams will be selected between 1945 and 2045 on raid day so please sign up well in advance. Signing up / Logging in at 2055 and expecting a last minute invite will most likely result in disappointment. The selected team will be posted on the Raid Planner and a note added to the Guild MOTD.

Important: All raid times are quoted in Server Time

If you are not selected for the team, please do not log off immediately as we may need to replace people if they fail to show up, are PuG locked etc. Once we start the raid you will be free to do your own thing.

Because of our relatively limited opportunities to Raid there are a few rules to stick to so that the guild can make the most of these nights.

Raid Team Selection
Selection for the Raid Team is based on; the right class mix, raiding rank and whether we are working on a progress raid or a farm night. With three raid nights we aim to get a balance between progress and farming with the emphasis on progress.

Raiders will have selection priority over Members. Please note, your rank is dependent on how often you sign up for a raid, not how often you are selected. Keep signing and you will get promoted in due course.

Initiates will be invited as often as possible so that you can demonstrate your abilities and we can evaluate your performance.

Lastly, we try to mix things up a bit so that everyone gets a fair turn and we try to match so couples can play together.

We are limited by the number of sign ups and how many players the raid will support so it is inevitable that some people will be left on the bench. Sometimes circumstances conspire against us and it is possible that you might get benched for more than one consecutive raid night. We will do our best to make sure that this doesn’t happen but it is not impossible, so please bear with us and feel free to raise any concerns with an Officer if you feel you have been overlooked.

Raid invites will be sent out at 2045 sharp. If you have been selected for the team then you are expected to be online by this time, preferably sooner so that the RL’s can get a head start. Please make your own way to the Raid entrance as quickly as possible so that we can buff up, sort groups and be ready to make the first pull at 2100. Please don’t be lazy and expect to be summoned.

Signing up and not showing up means you will be treated as though you didn’t sign up. This will affect your attendance statistics and will eventually result in demotion.

Signing up to a raid and then being late means you will be replaced . If you are replaced you will be treated as though you didn’t sign up. This will affect your attendance statistics and will eventually result in demotion to member.

We will make allowances for good reasons and you won’t be penalized. i.e., your computer died, your car got stolen, etc. RL happens.

If you know that you are not going to be able to log on for whatever reason, then please do your best to get a message to us somehow. Use the forum, get an in-game friend to pass on a message, something. We will expect an explanation at some point so best to get it in fast.

Loot Rules
We don’t use DKP but instead operate an honour system combined with rank that focuses on enhancing the Guild’s overall raid potential over an individual’s.

In Raids the loot priority is:
Raider > Member > Initiate > Off Spec > Social.

The loot master will announce the item and ask for those interested in it to link their current item in Raid chat. This is to give you the chance to see what everyone else would be replacing and compare how much of an upgrade it is for you/them.

Once everyone has had a chance to express an interest by linking their current item, and getting a feel for who would get the biggest upgrade, the loot master will then ask for those still interested to /roll or pass as their conscience dictates.

Loot drops in 5 mans are dealt with in an adult manner with the person for whom it is of most benefit to the guild receiving the item, in short we work as a team.

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